Ohana Fishing Charters Summer’s End

Aloha to All!,

Wow what a Summer for us busy as usual and Captain Lance survived running the boat alone for majority of Summer. Doing doubles almost daily is a killer. He did it though and our customers loved it, he was in higher demand than ever it seemed. Which tells me that our customers who come for their long awaited Summer vacation are doing their research. Going to tried and true review sights to figure who’s may be the best to go with is smart planning.

Fishing is fishing, not catching but we have a pretty good success rate for catching fish. We ran our boat on average five days outta the week, with doubles it would average a daily charter. On average we got skunked once a month! Not bad, hey if the fish are there then ya got a 98% on catching with us. If the fish are scarce it drops down to about 50/50 chance. We don’t want that one day to be the day you are on the boat of course! Ohana Fishing charters has a great crew. There are many variables when it comes to deep sea sportfishing. Like weather, tides, moon and of course the expertise of the Captain and crew. I can’t leave out the capabilities of the vessel!

Our Ho’omaikai is a one of a kind out here. I dont’ think there is another Wilson in the fishing fleet. Her low profile allows for a nice ride on the waters off Kauai. She may not have a cabin to sit in but who goes sportfishing to sit in a stuffy cabin anyhow? She does posess a private head (restroom), a custom built shade canopy, center row seating for a great view and is super clean. The best and well kept engines that never miss an oil change or upkeep! We can’t avoid the unexpected but I gurantee that Captain Lance can fix it on the spot if something happens or he can help any Captain figure out an engine problem. He knows sportfishing and boats well which is a plus for all invoilved. This boat is a tough commerical fishing vessel turned into a charter boat, hence a luxary working boat.

Well Winter is upon us as the lighting in our blue sky changes, the waters turning a deeper blue but always plentiful with many species of fish native to Kauai. The air is cooling and we slow down a bit. I am sure it is welcomed a bit by our hard working crew. As school starts up again, having had many of our returnees join us this past Spring/Summer was a blessing. I will tell you it is so fun for us to watch these children grow. We at Ohana Fishing Charters are often their highlight while on vacation. We are honored and words can’t express our greatfullnes for their loyalty to us.

We welocme the novice fisherman to the expert but please don’t try and be an expert on oour boat, ha ha ha. Oh my did I actually say that? Yes:) Trust me we have been doing this for a long time and we got this coined & minted! It’s all good we enjoy people from all differnt walks of life and respect all! I want to share as briefly asI can a little story from this Summer.

I got a call not too long ago from some very loving concerned parents who were coming out with their daughter for a vacation and her dream was to fish. The mom hesitated when she asked if we accomodate special needs. I jumped in with a reply “of course” before I even knew what the issue really was. Adding we have a special needs child and want everyone to fish, just to have that experience is so important to us as we are family owned & operated. I assured her that we have accomodated people who needed help before, taken people from their wheelchairs to a safe place to sit so they to can fish. We have had a couple terminally ill join us as they are crossing things off their bucket list. Oh boy I’m fighting tears here, thing is we are a heart company and there is nothing that can tug on my heart strings more. I know what it’s like Captain Lance and I have a special child and we afford him every opportunity at happiness. They joined us on a beautiful day and their smallish adult child reeled in a really nice tuna! We are so very happy the trusted us! Thank you Captain Howard and Ikenna for making their wishes come true.

In closing please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns you may have. We aim to please and help you all to make memories while staying on this beautiful garden island of Kauai. The chance at catching that once in a life time fish is very possible!

Cynthia Keener

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Cast yourselves into Kauai Deepsea Fishing

Aloha to all!

Well this years gone bye very quickly, we were awarded the Certificate of Excellence for TripAdvisor second year in a row. Honestly speaking, I was wondering who had gotten it this year. Much to my surprise it was in a pile of mail, seriously? I am a busy mom and I am in the midst of redoing our website, managing bookings & rearing children. So do NOT be alarmed when you come back again & it’s changed. Change is good and it’s about time to make the website fresh!

Speaking of fresh we are seeing a lot of fresh new faces, young, old & everything in between. Spring is here & Summer right around the corner. Please please please do NOT wait to book your fishing trip until you get here. As I have mentioned before the boats out here are typically six pack boats. Which means can only take up to six persons. The amount of visitors to boat availability is not even comparable. I turn many customers away during Summer time, I really dislike turning families away:(

The CATCH, lately we’ve been catching yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, & skip jack tuna (starkist). Can’t forget the Marlins that we accidently bump into here and there. Please visit our Facebook page to see the latest and greatest. It has actually has been a bit slow this past week and we have been competing with mother nature aka bad weather. Honestly we will try to get you out but safety is always first and foremost. This can mean on occasion we will cancel last minute.

We do on the other hand love to fish & want to get fish to the boat just as much as you do. We always share the catch, first we catch and then we share. A hand full of people don’t like this policy but it’s better than others who’ll give you nothing and/but a headache. We want you to eat what you catch we really do!!

So please be a smart shopper when it comes to booking a fishing charter. Go to review sites, read read & read:) Remember no question is a dumb question I welcome all of them. So call me if you need to, I can make things a little clearer, hopefully, lol.

E komo mai,
Cynthia Keener

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Kauai Sportfishing Photo Shoot

Aloha Everyone,


Okay this is simply a test to see if the picture link opens below:)  I will be adding pics to this post through the link until my site is over hauled.


Cynthia Keener



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Kauai Spring Sport Fishing

Aloha Everyone,

It’s been a long time, it’s been super busy in many areas of our lives.  Deep sea fishing is at it’s best right now, it’s Spring time and we have been running like h-ll.  Doing two trips a day five days a week, most days coming in with some really nice fish.  Now I have said it before it’s fishing and not called catching.  I think Captain Lance sums it up perfectly when he says it’s like any other sport “sometimes we win and sometimes the fish win”.

Our rave reviews have kept a steady flow of really great customers, on Google Ohana Fishing Charters is now at a 4.8 rating, well that’s on one Google area and the other states 4.5??? We do NOT pay to be at top of page or for top ratings, yes you can pay all over the place to have your name at top of list. LOL You can also say anything you want to get them customers.   As God is our witness we don’t do any of that.  I do not believe in playing that numbers game nor misleading potential customers in any way at all, we are doing the good old fashion way.  Captain Lance and I are steadfast in just doing what we both do best and the business just keeps on coming!

Trip Advisor is tried and true I believe we have come up immensely on the amount of reviews we have now.  Remember when reading any review they are subjective to the individual but statistically speaking we are doing great!  We are a humble people but once in awhile I have to give a pat on the back to us & our great crew!!!  We have an amazing, knowledgable, hard working and dedicated crew. Captain Lance and I appreciate them because without their dedication we couldn’t be where we are at today.

We are family owned and operated, we have put many long hours and hard work into making this happen year after year, thirteen to be exact. We aren’t native to this beautiful land but love it with all our hearts and respect every aspect of the Hawaiian culture.  The people who were here first native to this land, fishing the beautiful waters off Kauai know the respect these ocean deserve.  There is a lot of mana (power) here and beauty.

Remember as you join us out there on this ocean that not even one hundred years ago there was little here on the aina (island).  The oceans were so abundant with fish, sea birds abound, and plenty of fish for all.  With today’s abilities to really fish these oceans effectively we only take what we need, the size allowable etc…  All fish that comes to our boat is never wasted anything hunted is always eaten, house rule.  We will always give to our customers first because that’s what it’s all about.  We want you to eat what you catch!

I will not make a promise we can’t keep, so won’t promise or guarantee you’ll catch but I will promise you that you will make memories that will last a life time!


Mahalo nui loa,

Cynthia Keener

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Holiday Fishing Kauai Style!

What’s Kauai style fishing? Well deep sea fishing out here is way different than mainland fishing and awesome. It’s holiday season my friends & plenty of visitors are trying to get out on the ocean to fish while on holiday. Unfortunately mother nature has not cooperated the past couple of weeks! Two darned weeks we had to cancel, lost a lot of trips. Which brings to mind people! Yes exclamation mark. Please understand that WE are the professionals here:) If we cancel due to unsafe weather it’s in your best interest. We know you are disappointed, so are we. Seriously, this is how we survive. Captain Lance will often make the call to cancel at 5am or Captain running boat that day can cancel at dock. I guess we can be damned if we do or damned if we don’t because an upset individual went and wrote a mean review recently. I know the gentleman was very disappointed. Author of negative review may have just done this on her own w/o the actual person who was down at dock that mornings knowledge. Please do read our reviews on Trip Advisor, it helps.

Okay, so we are back on the water as of today! Water is nice, fishing is great. We are really booked up the week of Christmas and week after, FYI. So if you are coming & wanta fish please BOOK IN ADVANCE. Every year I turn away a lot of people during Christmas season.

Call to book also, that way your credit card won’t be charged right away. We only hold your CC#. Again DO NOT wait to book until you arrive. All fishing boats are smaller & can only accommodate so many (6).

We look forward to having you aboard and making memories that will last a life time!

Mahalo nui loa,
Cynthia Keener

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Holiday Fishing Season

Aloha to All!

Well the Holiday season is upon us in full swing. Personally it has come way to fast due to the NOT having a slow season at all. Typically we have a few weeks where it slows down a little bit, no this year. You’d think it’s a good thing & don’t get me wrong it can be but 10 -12 hour days on the water can wear on you. That’s where I come in as Manager & simply make certain to close down if we have to. This ensures that everyone & especially my husband Capt. Lance stays healthy. LOL We have a family to operate too:)

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post pics to this website, working on it. Please do go to Face Book & visit Ohana Fishing Charters there to see latest & greatest pics. Fishing has been AMAZING with a few slow days here and there. I will take that over no fish at all.

With many travelers coming to Kauai to thaw out I need to remind you all to BOOK AHEAD OF TIME!!! I can’t stress this enough when it comes to deep sea fishing out here on Kauai. Issue is that there are not enough boats to accommodate all visitors who’d like to come fishing it seems. Every Christmas we are turning away business & I wish we have two boats. Most of the fishing fleet charter boats can only hold 6 persons max per coast Guard regulation.

Several things to think about when fishing this time of year. Ocean conditions can be not favorable, ocean conditions all year round are 4 -6 ft with 10 -15 knots of wind. We at Ohana Fishing Charters take special care to REALLY pay attention to what’s going on. Captain Lance often gets calls from other Captains asking what’s he thinks. Do NOT forget he really has been doing this his whole life. He is good at what he does & I am very proud of his level of knowledge and understanding of the ocean.

Kauai deep sea fishing has a lot to offer and can be an adventure of a life time. Did I mention it’s WHALE SEASON? Well it is so ya basically get a twofer. Meaning a fishing trip & whale watch. So don’t wait til you get here to book. Remember if you book online your credit card gets charged right away. Call me DIRECT and I will just hold it and you can pay any way you’d like day of trip. If you call us DIRECT and not go through your hotel it will be cheaper also, FYI.

From our Ohana to yours, we wish you a happy, safe & blessed holiday season. A time to make memories, reflect on them & just be thankful for all the good in our lives.

Mahalo nui loa,

Cynthia Keener

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Ohana Fishing Charters Holiday Season is Upon Us

Aloha to All!

Wow it’s been a great Fall. We have been catching an abundant amount of Mahi Mahi’s (dorado) & BIG Yellow Fin tuna (ahi). Crazy exhilarating times deep sea fishing, normally big tunas are gone. Which goes to show anything can happen out here in the tropical waters off Kauai.

I have been crazy with booking for the Holiday season. I feel like there are many who need to come and thaw out. Just got off the phone with a gentleman from Indiana says it’s cold out there. More importantly he said that he had found us on the internet, saw our great reviews & that we were a small family owned and operated company. That we are! He explained his family business to me, gave me a little history. Which I gladly listened to him. I got chicken skin actually, ya see I am truly a heart person. LOL doesn’t mean you can mess with me just means we care. I told this gentleman that it’ll be an pleasure and honor to have him and his family on our boat.

I am excited about the holidays here at Ohana Fishing Charters! We get so many wonderful families coming back to us year after year and new customers. Remember to book ahead because typically during holiday season I have to turn many potential customers away. I wish you all a happy holiday season and lets not forget what it’s all about. Family, friends, and making memories!

So come on you all come out and make some with us. Again I can’t post all the pics from lately because there is something wrong with my computer. My apologies.

Please go to our Facebook page for current pics of what we’ve been catching.

Cynthia Keener

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Kauai Mahi Mahi Fishing Has Arrived

Aloha to all,

Well Summer is officially over which means the tuna(yellow fin, blue fin & skipjack) are going to take a back seat and let their friends the Mahi mahi enjoy the dance floor. Oh what a dance floor it is! Our oceans off Kauai are so beautiful, deep blue and full of movement. I love being out there even though I get really seasick.

We have slowed down a tiny bit but not much. I will miss all the kiddos of Summer but we have posted a substantial amount of pictures to show you all that we know how to show our little guests a good time.

We have been catching Mahi Mahai, Marlins, Yellow Fin & Skipjack lately. You can catch everything all year round, typically one species will be more prevalent during certain times of the year, anything can happen out there.

Ohana Fishing Charters is in it’s 12th year of operation, Captain Lance & I are still going strong, kids are growing up so fast. I have to say that year after year we get the same customers coming back to us and it means a lot.

Thanks you all for helping us make our dreams come true! We look forward to building many more relationships and memories for you!


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Yellow Fin, Mahi Mahi & Marlin Kauai Fishing

Aloha to all,

Summer time is here finally.  Along with Summer comes a little wind and often a little swell believe it or not.  Every Summer on Kauai can be a bit different, mostly sunny & beautiful tough!  along with Summer comes the Yellow Fin Tuna.  Ranging in size from 20 – 200+ lbs.  Makes for a lot of fun & superb fishing tales.  There has been ample Marlin around also ranging in size from about 150 – 400.  Well that’s only speaking for our boat the one of a kind Ho’omaikai.   Please do not be fooled by this boat.  If any of you know about fishing boats then you’ll know of her kind.

This Wilson is a 30 X 10 commercial fishing boat built for the rough waters of Kauai.  Unlike the Bertrams who aren’t built for rough water she rides like a tank in these oceans.  Is extremely safe as her low profile and never has to stop fishing due to the angle of the waves.  Her maneuverability makes for a perfect match for this style of deep sea fishing.

Do you need a comfy lounge on a fishing boat? Possibly I suppose but often they can be smelly which often adds injury to insult.  If ya know what I mean, lol.  Yes seasickness is common on our vessel you can sit comfortably under our custom made open air canopy.  Okay so enough about why I think our boat rocks!  Enjoy some photos of the last week or two.

Ooops somethings wrong can’t get photos in:( Please visit our Facebook page!

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Fall Fishing in Hawaii

Aloha to all!

It’s been a little while since I last blogged, needless to say Summer was banging as usual boat was out everyday from sun up to sun down. So we welcome Fall, it slows down a bit which is important.

After having run Ohana Fishing Charters for twelve years and what most charter companies call the slow time we are still running five out of seven days which tells me we are doing something right. Fall yields Mahi Mahi, smaller Yellow Fin tuna, Ono & all pelagic Hawaiian species. The two hundred pound Yellow Fin Tunas are pretty much gone. Anything is possible out here though, today we caught a one hundred and twenty pound Yellow Fin tuna (Ahi). LOL That was a BIG surprise!

If you are thinking of joining us please review the “FISH POLICY” page as we have had some recent issues w/ customers saying they’ve read it but still refuse to understand what is being said. Fish policy has been the same since the beginning & I have NOT changed a thing (wording). I just do not feel the need to, it is very clear.

Booking, if you book online you will be charged right away but if you call us we only hold the credit card info not charge. Right now I’d say two weeks advance booking is fine through beginning of November. After that November through mid January stays please get reservation in. I turn many many groups away during the Christmas season. It always shocks me how many folks wanta spend holiday in Hawaii. Along with new customers we get the old regulars who come every year or every other year. So if you hare very interested do book in advance. All charter boats out here can typically carry only six persons, which makes for a safer trip. So space can be limited, every charter boat company seems to be extremely busy during Chritmas holiday.

Lastly, I want to thank our faithful followers on Facebook & all the many many customers who take the timeout to write reviews on Trip Advisor & Yelp. You all are the ones who help us immensely and we really appreciate it! Customer reviewed tried and true, consistently showing customers a good time whether they catch a lot a little or nothing. It’s called fishing not catching “Ohana Catching Charters”. Nope that doesn’t sound right! LOL Aplogies fo no pics, I have them but computer won’t upload, argh!

Stay tuned fro pics:)

Aloha & Blessings,
Cynthia Keener

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