Captain Lance Keener: Deep Sea Fisherman

With over 25 years of experience, Lance Keener’s journey has taken him from the Santa Barbara Channel Islands to the Northern Marianas Islands in the Western Marianas Islands. Having spent his entire life in and around the ocean, fishing is in Lance’s blood.

Lance began his career in the fishing industry at age 14, scrubbing boats in Santa Barbara Harbor so the other captains would take him fishing. The captains must have seen something special in the kid with a keen desire to be on the open ocean. Before long, Lance got his first job working on the deck of a commercial boat.

By the age of 19, Lance had his Master 100 Ton Captain License and began running some of the boats he grew up working on.

Lance was soon sought out by a water sports company based on the island of Saipan, where he worked for four years. His time in Saipan exposed him to big game fishing using productive Micronesian fishing techniques. With this knowledge, he was jump-started as a world-class fishing captain at the ripe old age of 23.

Job offers came in from all over the world, and 15 years ago Captain Lance chose Kauai as the place to set down roots. Lance’s close relationship with local fisherman over the years has taught him traditional Hawaiian methods and provided him with insight into some of the most cutting edge fishing techniques in the world.

Captain Lance offers a unique experience you will never forget. His unique perspective on fishing comes from a diverse background that has taken him from one end of the Pacific to the other.His genuine excitement for the sport combined with a take-it-as-it-comes attitude makes a trip with him a memorable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman, a first timer looking for a new adventure, or are interested in taking the family out for a day of fish and fun, you’ve got the right Captain!


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